Air Quality

Deception And The Dunes

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The Off-Highway Vehicular Division (OHV) of California State Parks and Recreation is using a beach to access its landlocked Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA).

Oso Flaco, to the south of the ODSVRA, was intended to be the entry to the ODSVRA, but it was not acceptable to the Coastal Commission. The OHV was given a certain time period to establish another entry but all entries are environmentally damaging.

The Deception and the Dunes documentary shows how the OHV purchased the ODSVRA and attempts to repair the damage off-roading does to it and the surrounding areas with our gasoline tax; how the OHV overestimated the amount of gasoline tax it supposedly should get by 50%; how the OHV is not containing the nuisance of off-highway vehicles and has spread out on to the beach and neighboring county land; how OHV is trying to make the beach entry be permanent with its studies that do not consider the negative impacts on the beach, marine mammals, other wildlife and the local communities; how OHV claims to be good for our economy without considering what it costs the community using first a study that claimed 200 million a year benefit to the county, then a more recent study that showed that claim to be exaggerated by over 50% (and an independent study showed the true amount to be fraction of either OHV study); and how the OHV does not report to the public the lawlessness in the ODSVRA, concealing that it is out of control with the number of deaths and injuries.

What Nipomo Needs To Know Now

(Parts One and Two) (two 30minute videos, on one video)

Larry Allen with the County Air Pollution Control Board addresses the newly sworn in South County Advisory Commission in Nipomo on March 24, 2008. The issue is air pollution downwind of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Area. Videos of the plume from the off-roading area of the dunes are shown before and for three days after the meeting. Particulate matter levels in Nipomo are health threatening.

Air Pollution and Off-Roading on County Land

(24 minutes)

This 24 minute video shows a plume of dust pollution originating in the off-road riding area of the Oceano Dunes. This dangerous plume is carried by the wind to Nipomo, where particulate matter (PM 10) levels violate health standards.

Much of this off-highway riding area is owned by the County, who must decide whether to sell the land for off-highway use, which breaks the crust of the dunes.

It also shows the County Supervisor of the affected district, and the Supervisor of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area giving information to the public in a Town Hall Meeting in February 2007. This video challenges many of their statements with documents and maps.

The video shows the Executive Director of the Coastal Commission stating in Februrary 2008 that the use of the land for off-roading is in violation of the County's General Plan.

If the off-roading is kept off county land, there would be no access to any of the dunes for seven months a year, which would improve air quality downwind.

Health Threatening PM 10 Downwind of ODSVRA (ed7/8/07)

Dune crust broken by millions of off-roaders who plunder the Oceano Dunes, causing airborne particulate matter and health risks to Nipomo residents. This video shows the plume.

The Plume

- April 2008

This 3 minute video showing the particulate matter plume originating in the riding area of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Area where off roading breaks the dune crust. This plume is health threatening. The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution District has measured the particulate matter for over two decades and found the concentrations of silica (sand) to be above state and federal health standards. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors has taken no action to protect residents downwind, and on April 15, 2008 granted an extension of an operating agreement which was scheduled to expire next month.

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Water Quality

Drive-Up Toilet Appeal : Exploding Toilets

Dune photography shows why the area of the proposed drive-up toilets was designated a National Natural Landmark. Off-roaders show no respect for the beach and dunes by blowing up the vault toilets, and bashing into honey huts. This contamination of the dunes continues uncontrolled.

Dumping on Beach Ignored by OHV Oct 20, 2007 (ED:Nov 7 04:57

Dumping of holding tanks along the Pacific Shoreline on Oceano Beach, with statistics (provided by Asst. Sup. of ODSVRA) of citations that show lack of enforcement by OHV.

ODSVRA's Seedy Sewer System 02:51

The ODSVRA has muscled its way onto Pismo State Beach, against Public Resources Code regulations. It thinks it can actually position itself between the Pismo Dunes Natural Preserve and a major part of its habitat, the beach. It is attempting to expand its pitiful sewer system: six more bathrooms to be added to the existing seven to serve what amounts to the population of Pismo Beach. The bio-waste from these vaults is pumped out of the vaults and trucked down the beach, through a clam preserve where vehicles are prohibited by county ordinance, a buffer zone where vehicles are prohibited by the county general plan and local coastal plan, and through Arroyo Grande Creek with its four endangered species. This project is a visual blight, habitat destroyer, and is obviously an attempt to expand the ODSVRA beyond its capacity to manage the population.

Morning Walk (v2) 02:51

These are images of Oceano Dunes, the magnificent inspiration of a 360 degree perfect beauty that has no involvement and no manipulation of our species. Because it is all so balanced and perfect in itself, it connects people with their center and their own balance and perfection. That is what nature does for us. Experiencing the destruction and exploitation of these dunes by off-road vehicles makes me feel as if I am witnessing rape without being able to stop it. Maybe my voice and these images will contribute to the awareness of this crucial issue, to preserve our most precious treasures we have, which inspired me to move from Europe to live here

Sewer System in ODSVRA? 02:21

"Sewer system" in Oceano Dunes? CEQA disregarded. Development in ODSVRA prior to decision by Board of Supervisors on fate of La Grande Tract. Roadside restrooms in a Buffer Area against SLOCO General Plan. Who's driving this train? (less)

No Record

Completely submerged vehicle without a driver. An OHV Dept. of Parks and Recreation ranger said the vehicle was "abandoned". She said that there was no driver to cite. OHV claims it is well managed. But it does not keep and share records. The fox guards the hen house... and the endangered species in the creek.

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